February 17th, 2012


Place / Como, Italy
Year / 2009
Type / Competition by invitation – SECOND PRIZE
Status / Completed

The world famous Como waterfront has been designed as a new contemporary garden, an opportunity for citizens to experience nature from an aesthetic and emotional point of view.
From the city, our eyes are free to roam until the horizon, following the curves of the garden’s elements. A rhythm set by the progressive use of materials, measures, and shapes that are different one from the other, and which distinguishes both the architectural and the garden’s projects, bringing that complexity typical of a mansion’s garden to the scale of a whole city.


Press & Awards:
SECOND PRIZE – link to award

Nicola Russi, Angelica Sylos Labini, Sara Salvemini, Marco Corazza

Landscape: Serena Forti [Milano- Italy]
Engineering: ANASTASI SA Ingegneria [Verbania- Italy]
Mobility: Mobility In Chain Srl [Milano- Italy]
Landscape: Forti Serena Laua [Milano- Italy]
Budget: Sylos Labini Ingegneri Associati [Bari – Roma- Italy]
Rendering : ATTU STUDIO snc [Milano- Italy]