July 23rd, 2012


Place / Milan, Italy
Year / 2012
Type / Landscape
Status / In progress

Laboratorio Permanente has delivered the final project for the planting of 1,000 oaks ” Quercus Robur” in the eastern part of Milan where it is in the process of designing the new eastern ring road.
The oak planting project within the TEEM territory integrates well within the broader framework of activities to compensate and mitigate the landscape and the environment.

The project is structured around the identification and quantification of all the areas actually available for planting, tracked within those compensation areas that had already been assigned to the different tree-shrub associations listed by the environmental project.
The distribution of the single trees on the territory took place thanks to the support of previously-established planting criteria and studied according to two needs: on the one hand the need to establish a well-defined geometric structure and distribution, potentially replicable in similar conditions that exist along the blueprint; on the other, the desire to underline and emphasize the hierarchical relationships between road infrastructure and individual landscape wealth present along the path, with the aim of providing landmarks to the user, both on foot or by car.

Nicola Russi, Angelica Sylos Labini
with: Federico Russo, Pietro Ferrario, Alice Gardella

Millequerce / Plantation Started – link to news