June 2nd, 2014


Place / Milan – Italy
Year / 2014 – 2016
Type / Cultural multifunctional facilities
Status / Under construction

Laboratorio Permanente is working on the renovation of an early XX century Milanese building.
As this structure will accommodate different cultural activities, the aim is to make these spaces as adaptable as possible.
The concept indeed wants to underline and amplify the features and peculiarities of each room. They will be a sequence of locations, different in geometry, natural or artificial light, materials and colours, and will form an architectural promenade along the whole building.

To best express the full architectural potential of the building and to solve all the critical structural, systemic and aesthetic issues, the renovation project includes different interlaced restoration philosophies: the historical, philological and scientific restoration.
The historical restoration regards all the elements that must be partially or completely replaced but must maintain their look since they are the aesthetic frame of the building.
The philological restoration regards those elements which much preserve the mark of time and their original feeling.
Scientific restoration regards those sections that required complete overhaul.

Nicola Russi, Angelica Sylos Labini
with: Luca De Stasio, Pietro Ferrario, Mario Ventilato, Evgeniya Dubova
Structural Engineer: Eng. Pietro Boerio [Milan – Italy]
MEP: STII Studio Tecnico Ingegneria Impiantistica [Lecco – Italy]