February 20th, 2014


Place / Shanghai, China
Year / 2013 – 2015
Type / Luxury retail
Status / In progress

In the heart of Shanghai French Concession, where embassy buildings and old gardens are located, 49,000 sq.m. of mixed use building have been designed. Four levels of luxury shopping mall are enriched by creative offices, art galleries, hospitality and event and f&b spaces. The project’s aim is to create a city within the city where a complex system of squares, gardens and pedestrian paths are interlaced. Pre-existing old buildings are at the side of contemporary architecture in a surprising sequence of old and modern spaces. The luxury hotel has been set on the top floors facing the garden, in front of the old water tower. Every hotel room is provided by private balconies and terraces, a swimming pool with a transparent floor on the top of the building lights the 15mt high hotel hall transforming the main interior space into an extraordinary experience.

Nicola Russi, Angelica Sylos Labini
with: Pietro Ferrario, Luca De Stasio, Mario Ventilato
Commercial consultant: Christian Rhomberg, [Hong Kong– China]
Architect of record: Shanghai Hudn Municiciple Design Co., Ltd. [Shanghai– China]