two exhibitions in Garage

April 5th, 2016


Inside the new Garage Museum of Contemporary Art in Moscow, Ekaterina Golovatyuk and Nicola Russi (laboratorio Permanente) design two simultaneous exhibitions for Taryn Simon and Victor Pivovarov.
According to the OMA renovation project that preserves the original Soviet-era elements of the former 1960s restaurant, the exhibitions design interprets the museum spaces without hiding its interior backgrounds.

Taryn Simon exhibition has been conceived as a suprematist space by massive white volumes tidily arranged in the central gallery. Three wide walls, two totemic three-dimensional crosses and one cylindrical recording studio occupy architecturally the open space.
Vitctor Pivovarof Exhibition has been conceived as a long sequence of free standing rooms slightly separated by the building walls and by each other. The narrow spaces in between walls give the chance to bring natural light inside the exhibition and in the same time provide it by artificial light during the night.