June 11th, 2016


Place / Moscow, Russia
Year / 2015-2016
Type / Exhibition design
Status / Realized

The exhibition of the american artist Taryn Simon at Garage Museum of Contemporary Art designed with Ekaterina Golovatyuk, emerges from an accurate lecture of her work, a rigorous research focused on botanic science and geopolitics events. The project aim is to create a precise catalog that objectively describes all the collection. In the central area of the exhibition a customized recording studio with green screens has been designed to prepare the next work of art of the artist. ” These flowers sat between powerful men as they signed agreements designed to influence the fate of the world” Taryn Simon. This circular pavilion stands out in the main hall of the building, a virtually transparent architecture becomes the centre of the exhibition.

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Nicola Russi, Ekaterina Golovatyuk
with: Massimo Tenan