Laboratorio Permanente works at different scales, from architecture to interior design and urban design. All its projects build on a sensible observation of their context and its multiple features: the natural environment, the material culture of each place with its own norms, the identity of local communities, and even the personal history of individuals.

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Gold Medal Architecture Awards

Honorary mention at the 2012 Italian Gold Medal Architecture Awards.
Award for the research study entitled “The Conquest of the Horizon”.


About a city

The School as an integration device.
Nicola Russi: lecturer.
Giacomo Feltrinelli Foundation

Historical Centers. New Perspectives.

Nicola Russi: lecturer.
California State University, Florence.
Coordinator of the Architectural Program: Marco Biraghi.

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Abitare 535

Abitare zone scomode, Laboratorio Permanente, Giardino Coperto, Correggio.
Article by: Candiani C.L.
Abitare, 2013, Vol. 535.

Domus 1041

Gli scali ferroviari, la sfida per il futuro – The railyards, a challenge of the future.
Article by: Battisti E.
DOMUS, Editoriale Domus, Vol. 1041

Platform 18

Spaces for all.
Article by: Capitanucci M.V.
Platform, 2018, Vol. 18.

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Il progetto del vuoto
Author: Nicola Russi
Quodlibet, Macerata

Beyond propriety living

Abitare oltre la proprietà.
Author: Coricelli F.; Robiglio M; Russi N.
Future Urban Legacy Lab, Torino.

Living the city

Vivere la città, living the city, vivir la ciudad
Authors: Mancuso F.; Storchi S.; Russi N.; Toppetti F. Volpiano M.
Il Poligrafo, Padova.

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The Landscape Has No Rear

Author: Russi N.
in Rem Koolhaas, “FUNDAMENTALS
Catalogo Biennale architettura”. Venezia.
Publisher: Marsilio. Venezia.

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Team and contacts


News, Press, awards

Nicola Russi

  • Partner
  • Phd Architect
  • nicola@laboratoriopermanente.com

Nicola Russi is an architect and associate professor at Politecnico di Torino. He studied at TU Delft and at Politecnico di Milano, where he obtained his Phd in 2007. In 2008 he founded the architectural practice Laboratorio Permanente in Milan with Angelica Sylos Labini. The studio has taken part in numerous international design competitions; won the international competition for the masterplan of Farini and San Cristoforo railway yards, participated in the 16th and 14th Venice Biennale International Architecture Exhibition and received the Honour Mention for the Golden Medal for Italian Architecture in 2012 with the project “The landscape has no rear”. Since 2017, he has been a member of the board of directors of ANCSA(National Association of Historical and Artistic Centres) and is responsible for the Gubbio Prize, whose aim is to promote progress in the methods of intervention on the City and Historical Territory. His teaching and research activity have been published in numerous books and magazines including Domus, Abitare, and Architecture Ireland. He is the author of Backgrounds (Quodlibet, 2019). He has collaborated as consultant with the Municipality of Milan for the development of the new Territorial Government Plan, as well as with the Department of Architecture Design (DPA) of the Polytechnic of Milan.

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Angelica Sylos Labini

  • Partner
  • Architect
  • angelica@laboratoriopermanente.com

Angelica Sylos Labini works as a professional architect in Milan in the architectural firm Laboratorio Permanente of which she is managing partner. The studio, founded in 2008 together with Arch. Ph.D. Nicola Russi deals with works of public interest both nationally and internationally and in 2012 was awarded the honorable mention of the Gold Medal of Italian Architecture. He studied architecture at the Polytechnic of Milan and Barcelona. After working in different studios such as Herrera (Barcelona), Cls architects (Milan), Albori architects (Milan), F & P Architects (Milan). In 2013 she participated in the workshop series: Architecture and Management, SDA Bocconi Milan becoming an expert in project management.

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Amedeo Noris

  • Architect

Amedeo Noris collaborate with Laboratorio Permanente since 2017, designing projects at the architectural and urban scale, published in Italian newspapers and magazines, including Domus and Interni. Currently, he is the project leader in the procedure for the formation of the new Piano di Governo del Territorio (Territorial Government Plan) of Bergamo and is responsible for the research activity and the communication of cultural contributions for conferences and exhibitions in which the studio participates. Among the other significant experiences of this collaboration is the first prize in the international competition for the masterplans for the renovation of Farini and San Cristoforo railway yards in Milan. At the same time, he also carries out research in architectural and urban design, both as part of teaching activities at the Politecnico di Milano and with the A place TO BE collective.

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Alberto Ceriotti

  • Architect

Alberto studied Architecture at Politecnico di Milano and, as an exchange student, in Liege, Belgium. He came into touch with Laboratorio Permanente during a university internship and began working permanently with the office in July 2018. In these years, he has tackled architectural projects at different scales, dealing with competitions and relations with public administrations, showing a particular interest in technological and artisanal processes.

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Pietro Nobili Vitelleschi

  • Architect

Pietro Nobili Vitelleschi collaborates with Laboratorio Permanente since January 2020. He graduated from Politecnico di Milano in October 2019 with a thesis project entitled "Le Stagioni del Paesaggio" which focused on the recovery of the Italian internal territories. Inside the studio, he has the opportunity to participate in several projects and important competitions, including the winning proposal for the redevelopment of the "Scalo Farini - San Cristoforo" and the design of "La nuova casa della Serenità." He also participated in the project for the new Spazio Maiocchi showroom in Milan, from the concept phase to the construction. Meanwhile, he carries on personal interests and works outside the studio. In 2021 he started a collective research work entitled "Assume there's a Landscape" investigating different paradigms and perspectives through which the complexity of contemporary landscapes can be read.

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Enrico Forestieri

  • Architect

Enrico Forestieri studied architecture at Politecnico di Milano, Etsa Madrid, Faut Lisboa and specialised in timber construction at Politecnico di Torino. His practice is focused on architecture as a practice of negotiation and materialization of collective priorities, and in technology as tool for the control and modulation of atmospheres both in a climatic and a phenomenological sense.

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Francesca Calvelli

  • Architect

Francesca Calvelli studied in Milan and São Paulo and, after experiences in other milanese offices, she's been collaborating with Laboratorio Permanente since April 2023. She's interested in intersecting fields and in having a layered look at architecture; for this, along with her professional activity in which she mainly deals with the building scale, she pursues both education as teaching assistant in design studios at Politecnico di Milano and research and curatorship through the project Assume There's a Landscape.

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Andrea Sanguedolce

  • Architect

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Carlotta Bertuccioli

  • Architect

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Francesco Caminati

  • Architect

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Paola Colombo

  • Office Manager

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