• Milan, IT
  • Garage Maiocchi 10

    Laboratorio Permanente and ASA (Paolo Caracini) transform an old garage in Milan into a collective space where art, design, and fashion come together to shape new cultural experiences. 

    The new home of Spazio Maiocchi relates to the city through a concrete grid of prefabricated modules that frame fixed glass alternating with openable panels of etched aluminum. The entrance, marked by a setback, opens to the main room characterized by an alternating system of brick vaults.

    The reuse project was configured as a restoration of all the structural elements of the original layout. The architectural quality was preserved through the adoption of sophisticated consolidation and chemical surface treatment technologies. A single architectural device was introduced in the background, a grandstand made of reinforced concrete modules opens to the multiplicity of urban uses.

    • ProjectGarage Maiocchi 10
    • PlaceMilan, IT
    • Year2023
    • ClientSpazio Maiocchi
    • StatusBuilt
    • Site Surface 930 sqm
    • Built Surface 930 sqm
    • Consultant For Engineer Architecture
    • Photo Credit T-Space Studio
    • Team Laboratorio Permanente with ASA: Nicola Russi, Angelica Sylos Labini, Paolo Caracini, Pietro Nobili Vitelleschi, Luca Cozzani, Greta Benelli.

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