• Milan, IT
  • New Community Farm

    In an old farmhouse three young entrepreneurs gave birth to an unconventional project where commercial activities are integrated with social and artistic programs. 

    Laboratorio Permanente has been invited to renovate the old farmhouse, adding new volumes around the court. The composition of the different buildings has been underlined by the use of multiple materials, such as concrete, timber and metal. The variety in materials corresponds with the richness of the program which includes both an indoor and outdoor bar and restaurant, a court for barbecuing and relaxing, performance and workshop areas, an art gallery and sport activities.

    • ProjectNew Community Farm
    • PlaceMilan, IT
    • Year2016
    • ClientCascina Martesana
    • StatusSchematic
    • Consultant Structural engineer: Eng. Tommaso Papini; 
MEP: Studio Ingegneria Impiantistica, Massimiliano Soldo, Alice Borsarsi
    • Team Laboratorio Permanente
: Nicola Russi, Angelica Sylos Labini, Mario Ventilato, Giacomo Palomba, Francesca Lina Pincella, Marco Di Forenza, Alessandro Zanoletti

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