April 12th, 2019

Place / Milano
Year / 2019
Type / Masterplan
Status / Competition 1st prize – Ongoing

In a moment of dramatic environmental transformation and permanent economic uncertainty, our priorities have changed. The most valuable currency is no longer ‘brick’ – the built – but rather the climatic conditions that cities will be able to provide and ensure for their citizens. The city of the twentieth century, with its high energy consumption, must be overcome by reconsidering the principles that have marked urban development since the classical era.

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March 12th, 2018


Place / Follonica, Italy
Year / 2016
Type / Secondary school
Status / Competition 2nd prize

“Adolescence is a new birth” (Stanley Hall). Teenagers in this age develop a new civic and personal identity. The 6.850 sqm project answers this need building a space safe and enclosed but open to the city and the surroundings. A big court is the perfect space shared by the two schools, where to meet and build new relationships. The external ring, like a urban street, hosts events, labs, libraries and activities with the city. Both schools are connected to the shared space and become the scene of the central “Corte Mondo”.

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December 22nd, 2017


Place / Milan – Italy
Year / 2014 – 2017
Type / Cultural multifunctional facilities
Status / Built

Laboratorio Permanente completed the renovation of an early XX century Milanese building.
These spaces are conceived as a flexible sequence of rooms, different in geometry, natural or artificial light, materials and colours, to accomodate several different cultural activities.
The concept indeed wants to underline and amplify the features and peculiarities of each room that creates an architectural promenade along the whole building.

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December 22nd, 2017

Place / Santo Spirito, Italy
Year / 2017 – ongoing
Type / Private House
Status / Under Construction

Located in the small town of Santo Spirito, a semi abandoned villa from the 60s reborns from its ruins. The three storey building opens to the Mediterranean sea on the north side. A system of windows opened on three sides at the garden level, progressively focuses on the horizon at the higher floors. On the other side, the step shaped South facade helps the upper floors to move away from the noise of the main street, housing three terraces.

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November 10th, 2017

Magazine / FRAME
Article title / An Office with a Spine
Author / Norman Kietzmann
/ 119

“The vibrant insertion of architecture within architecture demonstrates a fresh and informal approach to interior design; the spine adapts to change in the blink of an eye; and the result
is unity in diversity and vice versa. Laboratorio Permanente’s spine is an accurate tool for now and the future.” This words by Norman Kietzmann describes the key element of the project by Laboratorio Permanente for QuintilesIMS– Frame Magazine No 119.

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November 10th, 2017

Place / Turin, Italy
Year / 2017
Type / Secondary school
Status / Competition 2nd prize + Honorable mention

Initially conceived as an isolated element of the city, as a series of undifferentiated spaces, the Enrico Fermi school is redesigned in order to dissolve borders between the city and the school ensuring a dialog between didactic and experience, indoor and outdoor spaces, artificial and natural environment.

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November 10th, 2017

Place / Milan, Italy
Year / 2016-2017
Type / Co-working Renovation
Status / Completed

The project of Spaces Milano explores innovative ways of using spaces through a precise and sensible analysis of the context. Spaces occupies about 4,000 sqm of a traditional second postwar Milanese building. This building faces the Bastioni and turns towards Piazza XXV Aprile, a new city center and one of the most interesting examples of urban renovation. Spaces creates a community environment that offers multiple spatial solutions to create networks. Designing this ecosystem is like designing a small town or a large collective house. Each space is a useful place forthe community that allows multiple exchanges , from formal ones to informal and spontaneous ones. Even a hidden corner, if well designed, can turn into a great place of work and unexpected meeting.The strength of the project Spaces Milano relies on combining the informal model of this kind of spaces with the sensible aesthetic and rigorousness of the city, of its buildings and its entrances. Read the rest of this entry »


December 20th, 2016


Place / Via Stephenson, Milan, Italy
Year / 2016
Type / Office Building – Mixed use
Status / Commission Competition 1st Prize – Progetta Stephenson86
Promoter / Liuni SpA []
for Alinvest SpA []

In a former industrial district on the outskirts of Milan, at the center of a metropolitan system of connections, the new office building represents an opportunity to rethink the relationship between architecture and city. Read the rest of this entry »


August 12th, 2016

Place / Milan, Italy
Year / 2015-2016
Type / Office Renovation
Status / Completed

Contemporary office spaces should interpret the fluidity of our society, characterized by unexpected relationships, informal experiences, unconventional and flexible locations.
This is the starting point for the new 5000sqm offices refurbishment won by Laboratorio Permanente among a private competition organized by Read the rest of this entry »


August 11th, 2016


Place / Milan, Italy
Year / 2015-2016
Type / Public swimmg pool
Status / Realized

After ten years of dereliction the renovation project for an old swimming pool became the chance to imagine an innovative system of public spaces in the inner centre of Milan.
Next to the Franco Parenti theatre the swimming pool renovation has been designed to become it’s open air stage, allowing an original interchange Read the rest of this entry »

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