• Lake Iseo (BG), IT
  • Nursing Home Panorama

    The delicate balance that links man to the natural environment cannot overlook the way we interact with the context and the spaces we design to host this coexistence. The fragile ecosystem that welcomes us and that we inhabit is the most important resource available to us today.

    The muscular and narcissistic approach of contemporary architecture should now be overcome by a new sensitive and caring culture, both towards those who live in it and towards the identity of the environment that hosts it. Taking care of the territory and its inhabitants is the principle on which the design of the new Casa della Serenità is based.

    The new volumes of the project follow the sloping terrain in order to preserve the continuity of the natural landscape elements between the mountain and the valley and to reduce the amount of earthworks in a precious and fragile territory. The “open courtyard” composition ensures that all guests can enjoy the view of the lake while at the same time creating visual connections between them through loggias, bow windows and large glazed surfaces.

    Between the existing building and the new one, a “panoramic square” bridges the distance between the vocation to care of Casa della Serenità and its public role in the town of Lovere. The square and the open spaces are an extension of the collective functions housed on the ground floor of the new complex, promoting a sustainable model of RSA open to visitors and all citizens.

    On the upper floors, the collective living rooms open up like luminous lanterns towards the ever-changing views of the lake; the corridors, designed like streets in the historic city with their system of widening and seats in front of the doors, become a place of sociability and encourage moments of relationship between guests.

    The “belvedere rooms” and the “ customizable apartments”, equipped with the most up-to-date health care technologies, are designed with materials and spatial qualities typical of the domestic environment and promote forms of therapy that link well-being to the perception of the environment and of the nature that surrounds us. The centrality of the principles of environmental sustainability also emerges in the use and choice of materials and building techniques, preferring natural, recyclable materials and reducing energy consumption.

    • ProjectNursing Home Panorama
    • PlaceLake Iseo (BG), IT
    • Year2021
    • ClientOnlus fondazione Beppina, Filippo Martinoli
    • Status1st prize - On going
    • CompetitionLa Nuova Casa della Serenità (Curated by Luca Molinari Studio)
    • Site Surface 3.692 sqm
    • Built Surface 3.692 sqm
    • Budget 10.370.000 €
    • Consultant Landscape Architects: rsl-landscape, Engineering: For
    • Team Laboratorio Permanente: Nicola Russi, Angelica Sylos Labini, Alberto Ceriotti, Pietro Nobili Vitelleschi, Luca Cozzani, Amedeo Noris, Greta Benelli, Mario Ventilato, Francesca Luci, Pablo Hernando del Amo, Vittoria Leonardelli, Giulia Turati, Emilio Vata

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