• Milan, IT
  • Valentina

    How can you envision a modern architectural project for a small roof extension without coming into conflict with a mixed and dense historic urban courtyard? Instead of chasing a reorganizing design, the project aims to amplify the complexity of the site by introducing materials and volumes through unexpected joints.

    Two shifted volumes in relation to the adjacent buildings’ façades generate vibrant interiors and a complex system of terraces and balconies. The project deals with traditional roof materials and reuses them in a contemporary way.

    • ProjectValentina
    • PlaceMilan, IT
    • Year2015
    • ClientPrivate commitment
    • StatusBuilt
    • Consultant Structural engineer and Mep: Eng. Graziano Mesuraca
    • Team Laboratorio Permanente: Nicola Russi , Angelica Sylos Labini with: Pietro Ferrario, Luca De Stasio, Mario Ventilato

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