• Santo Spirito, IT
  • Villa Giulia

    Located in the small town of Santo Spirito, a semi abandoned villa from the 60s reborns from its ruins. The three storey building opens to the Mediterranean sea on the north side.

    A system of windows opened on three sides at the garden level, progressively focuses on the horizon at the higher floors. On the other side, the step shaped South facade helps the upper floors to move away from the noise of the main street, housing three terraces.

    • ProjectVilla Giulia
    • PlaceSanto Spirito, IT
    • Year2017
    • ClientPrivate commitment
    • StatusPreliminary
    • Consultants Technological systems design: Studio Uva; structural engineering: Sylos Labini Ingegneri e Architetti Associati
    • Team Laboratorio Permanente: Nicola Russi, Angelica Sylos Labini, Francesca Lina Pincella, Marco di Forenza, Luca Cozzani, Mario Ventilato, Alessandro Zanoletti, Giacomo Palomba

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